A question about decorating a Master Bedroom with a gray

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Q. I am decorating my new master bedroom. I want a room that is very sophisticated with clean lines, but still feels warm. I have dark furniture-black/brown wood, and I would love to incorporate a gray in the room either on the walls or accents.  I am looking for ideas on wall color, blankets and sheets, decor, rugs, etc.

 A. My suggestion is to work with the gray as the wall color, and then bring in accent colors with the bedding, window treatments, rugs, etc.  Gray is the type of color that needs to work with everything in the space or it can feel a bit industrial.  When I created the grays in my color collection I made sure that they have a browner undertone so that they would work well with accent colors, and not come off looking too pink, blue or green.

MW-16 Rain Drop on the walls

MW-41 Glowing White on the trim & ceiling

For accent colors, I would consider bringing in eggplant purple and a rust tones as one option, or for a more serene type of feel bringing in blues and chocolate browns.  Also work with texture in the space, and consider bringing in vases or artwork that gives you small pops of color.

Sometimes less is more when bringing in accent colors! Good luck and Happy Painting and Decorating! Michelle Winick

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