Best paint colors for accent walls

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An accent wall can define a space, add interest to a room and even highlight an architectural feature of your home. But with endless paint color options to choose from, how do you decide which color is the best for an accent wall in your home?

It’s important to first note that not all walls are suitable accent walls. There needs to be a reason for an accent wall and it needs to make sense in the overall design plan. A fireplace wall, a headboard wall or a window wall all make good accent wall candidates.

House Beautiful - Red Accent wall

Martha Stewart - Charcoal Accent wall

The great thing about accent walls is that they allow you to incorporate bold colors into your home without committing all four walls. Popular accent wall colors include dark charcoal or a dark chocolate color.

Accent walls don’t always have to be paint, either. Wallpaper works great for accent walls.

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