Best uses for bright paint

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Are you paralyzed by the prospect of putting bold or unusual colors in your home? Are you wavering between one neutral shade and the next, wishing you could take the plunge and go for something more unusual?

Well, I have to say, I am not afraid of color – but I am afraid of BAD color! Over the years, I have had to do my share of repainting, either because I was too eager to paint or I chose poorly. And since I love bright and different, I have taken my share of risks in that department –and then once it’s on the wall…well, like I said, I have repainted many a room.

Since I attended the school of hard knocks, I learned many valuable lessons. Now I can use unusual colors, yet avoid the disasters that can come with the territory.

Lesson 1: Try it first!

Buy a pint, quart or big swatch of the color you love, take it home and paint a patch on your wall to see it – before you buy the whole gallon and waste your time and money. It is also a good idea to look at it for a few days before you actually paint the whole room. You will know if it fits your décor and home after looking at it for a bit, and avoid the do-over. Additionally, there’s an added benefit of motivation to get the project done sooner, since now your wall has a big unmatched patch on it. (Tip: Don’t test before a big party – you might rush a decision that will land you in repaint land!)

Lesson 2: Look at what others are doing.

If you have seen a friend utilize an unusual color and you want to do something similar, ask them if you can use their color. Then you’ve seen how it looks in a whole room! You can also find unique colors used well in many catalogs – and then ask your local paint store to help you match the one you love. When I was painting the exterior of my 20-year-old house, a friend suggested looking in some new construction neighborhoods for current, unique exterior colors. I took pictures of the ones I loved, and it helped me get out of the rut and bring my house into the 21st Century.

Lesson 3: If you love it, you’ll love it!

I used to have a red dining room, and I was looking for a change. I fell in love with a purple/blue color and was scared to make the switch. A friend and I were consulting on this decision and she gave great advice: “If you love it, you’ll love it in your room.” I kept trying to talk myself into something more practical, but in then end I continually came back to the color I fell in love with originally. Then I knew…it had to be mine. I have had more compliments on that room color than any other in my home!

If you heed these valuable lessons, you might just be able to avoid the “repaint blues” when you are ready to jump off the deep end into fabulous and unusual colors. You can still be bold, but spend less time and hassle!

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