Beyond the Pink and Blue Nursery

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Gender neutral colors are great when you are expecting but don’t know your baby’s gender but gender neutral does not mean gender boring. Pastel yellow has long been the perfect color for those not in the know but now the yellow is bright and mixed with neon bright lime, orange and blue.

Orange in hot in many areas of the home this year and does not shy away from kids rooms. This warm hue is a perfect accent for a neutral beige with a splash of green to brighten it up.

Beige is just as fashionable in a nursery as it is in any other area of the home. It is a gentle tone for a peaceful room, giving it a high style look instead of a bright in your face look.

Gray is everywhere this year as a great background color. It can show off other colors in the room, such as the red hearts shown in this nursery.  This gray has an undertone of red making in perfect for the furnishings in this room.

Don’t forget white as a nursery color, it is clean, pure and angelic just like your baby. There are dozens of baby essentials available in this color making it easy to decorate with. This white nursery highlights the warm wood tones in the floor.

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