Blue, Blue Everywhere

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I have been seeing more blue lately in the pages of many shelter magazines. For example, the February/March issue of Traditional Home highlights blue in many of its articles to the point of having it featured on more than two dozen pages. For the most part it is a deep Cobalt Blue, but I also spotted it in lighter shades from dusty, pale blue to traditional Delft Blue. Blue is never “out” as it is selected as the most favorite color across the globe. But the Bright Cobalt and Navy Blue are the focus of this trend.

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Muralo "Color Is Collection" 0620 Star Studded

Muralo "Color Is Collection" 0591 Blue Jacket

Muralo "Color Is Collection" 606 Frozen Blue








Blue is the color of trust, the color of calm and the color of serenity. In ancient times blue was made from lapis lazuli, a precious stone that dates back to the third millennium B.C. It has been found in Egypt and Siberia and is no longer a major source of blue pigment due to cost.

Cobalt Blue is found in many Chinese artifacts, especially dinnerware. Many of the Delft Blue found in the Netherlands has its origin in Cobalt Blue. This same color is found in many textiles but uses synthetic versions.

Navy Blue, once referred to as Marine Blue, continues to be popular and is often considered a neutral because of its prominence. This color is used by both the U.S. and Britain as a uniform color. Dozens of sport teams also use Navy Blue all over the globe so it is ingrained in popular culture.

Blue is appearing in clean blue and white patterns for living rooms and bedrooms. It is also appearing on kitchen cabinets in glossy versions for a clean modern look. I would venture a guess that blue appears somewhere in most people’s homes. So if you don’t have blue in your home then is it in the “Wild Blue Yonder”?

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