Color of the Month: Jungle Adventure 0739

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0739 Jungle Adventure

The month of April represents renewal and optimism, just like our color of the month. Winter is behind us (in most states) and we look forward to the first sign of perennial shoots in our gardens.

Green is the obvious choice for April, but not just any green. Jungle Adventure 0739 is a classic, organic green with a hint of yellow undertone. Think nature, botanicals, a green that is a jewel tone, but not as blue as the Hunter Green of the 80’s. The color green is soothing, positive, and comforting, while the brighter greens bring a sense of energy to a space.

0739 Jungle Adventure floor to ceiling

Panda's House

0739 Jungle Adventure is a stunning color choice for a piece of furniture

Have you noticed the crossover in fashion and home decor trends, with colors and patterns?

This fresh-looking shade of green was spotted in a number of Italian shops this past fall.

Is there a place for green in your home?

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