Color of the Month: Sugar Dust 0011

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0011 Sugar Dust

What better way to get ready for Spring, than with a fresh slate, or rather, a fresh coat of paint on your walls? This month we celebrate our favorite warm color – the dreamy Sugar Dust. This off-white color evokes tranquility and a sense of peacefulness, making it a hands-down favorite. So, warm up with a little Sugar Dust sprinkled throughout your home.

Sugar Dust 0011 is shown on the fireplace breast, ceiling, and trim | Cyndi Parker Interiors


Scandinavian Connection

Scandinavians use a great deal of white tones in their homes because of the lack of natural light in the cold winter months. White walls make a room feel spacious, fresh, airy, and larger than it is.  Looking on Pinterest the Scandi vibe has exploded – white rooms are everywhere. Thinking about creating a Scandinavian look in your own home? Other than a white color palette, the key is you need to declutter, scale back on the “stuff” you have in your home, and you’ll be halfway there.

Scandinavian Connection

Kitchen cabinets painted with Sugar Dust 0011 | Introspects LLC

Kitchen cabinets painted with Sugar Dust 0011 | Introspects LLC

White on White

Designers across the U.S. love Sugar Dust for its elegance, warmth, and sophistication, and are finding it a beautiful option for cabinetry as well. In addition to walls, Sugar Dust 0011 is also an excellent color option for woodwork and ceilings. Consider this warm, soft white rather than a traditional “ceiling white.”

Just like with neutrals, you can layer whites in a room but it does take someone familiar with the nuances of paint undertones. Layering off-whites can create a beautiful effect, but also can be a little tricky. It’s sometimes done best with the help of a professional at your local independent paint store. Spring forward with a fresh coat of paint!

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