Decorating with maps

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I love maps. For years we’ve had maps hanging haphazardly in our dining room/family room. They weren’t considered a part of my “decorating scheme” as there were too many layers of masking tape attaching the maps to the wall. I thought having maps up would make my kids smarter or at least curious about the world outside of their block. The maps were handy when we daydreamed, plotted, and planned our next family vacation.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating maps into your home. I may be a little late to the “decorating with maps” par-tay, but if maps make you smile, then show off your map swag.

Maps are fun, they are available in any color and size, they encourage dreaming about places afar, any surface is map-applicable, cost is not an issue, as you can spend money and frame your maps or pull maps out of any Luddite’s glove compartment. Most importantly, you get to be creative.

Here are a few favorites:

That's Smart Deco

Pottery Barn


Streets of Salem

Here’s a “decorating with maps” link up with more inspirational ideas.

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