Fighting the Winter Blues


Now that winter has reared its ugly head, it is time to prepare for the winter blues. The term winter blues comes from the fact that many people get depressed during the short days of winter. It is also referred to cabin fever, since it is assumed that being stuck in your home for months on end causes us to be glum.

But the fact is that this morose mood is caused by lack of sunshine, otherwise known as  seasonal affective disorder syndrome, S.A.D.S. This is most common in the northern climes as their days are shorter than those in the southern countries or those near the equator.

The best defense against S.A.D.S is getting more natural light as sunlight contains the full spectrum of color, much needed by our physical beings and for the wellness of our minds. If we cannot get natural sunlight then another cure is getting it artificially with daylight bulbs in a light fixture. It may be as simple as sitting in artificial sunlight for 1 hour a day, perhaps while we are reading the morning paper or lingering by a sunny window at the break of day.

Just adding warm colors to our surroundings will help boost our morale during the long cool days of winter. Add a bright yellow pillow to a simple brown sofa, paint one wall a golden hue or just the addition of flowers can lighten your winter months.

Warm living room

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  1. Munsell Color
    January 5, 2012 4:06 pm

    Color selection is the first and most important step in creating the mood of any room, Adding in warmer colors will easily brighten up any room!

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