Finding Color Inspiration

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Every room in every home inside and out must have someone making color decisions that impact the look of the final setting. The choice of floor material, paint for walls and ceiling, fabrics, and furnishings will involve someone making several color choices. This task can seem daunting to many, horrifying to others and sometimes there is someone who does it with ease. But most of the time it is an overwhelming chore to the majority of the population. They look for guidance in shelter magazines, television shows, hundreds of books, newspapers and even advice from their friends and family and in many cases they still are at a loss as of what to do. Here are several avenues to follow to find that elusive road over the rainbow and into their homes.

  • If the is an existing, unchangeable or desired color in a room or on the outside of a home use that as a starting place. Find a pattern or combination of colors in a piece of fabric, on a pillow or in the case of an exterior, a single stone or brick that contains that color. This pattern or combination of colors should appeal to you; search until you find something that really draws your interest. Use the other colors in the pattern for the rest of your color choices. Perhaps there is a neutral hidden in the pattern that can become the wall color, an accent color may exist in the group and that can be used in small amounts, maybe on a feature wall or on a front door.
  • When starting from the ground up you can also accomplished this with a pattern or in some cases a favorite painting or even a pleasant place to visit. Using a painting or print you can identify the colors that caught your eye when you first saw it and use them to create the color combinations you are looking for. Take a photo of your preferred destination and select colors based on them
  • What initially intrigued you about a particular painting or fascinated you in a pattern or combination of colors should be used to create the perfect environment for living and being comfortable in your color decisions.

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Use a Painting for Inspiration

Using a painting as inspiration, in this case the pale off white could be the walls, the deep blue a carpet or piece of furniture, the lemon could be curtains. You don’t have to take the colors as they appear you can neutralize them by making them lighter or grayer and you can make them lighter to tone them down. The colors should be used in three proportions of visual interest, the largest for walls, the medium for carpet and the smallest for accents.

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