Give your home a fresh new look by updating your color scheme

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Paint color has the power to transform and revitalize a tired look. You can use color to engage and create welcoming home environments. If you’re trying to achieve a fresh new look without changing all the colors in a room, follow these color scheme tips.

Updating a color scheme

A room can be refreshed without going through a complete color overhaul. Add in an unexpected color for a trendy way to make a theme seem new. Take the traditional and put in a pop of acid green, red-violet, or other seemingly avoided colors like swampy brown. Combined with other shades, these hues take on a new life.  Take a risk!

A single color addition makes for a fun update, making your home and design a little bit unexpected. Choose a color that shows off your personality and flair. If you need a little inspiration, try one of these color combinations.



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