Home Trends in 2014: Beyond the Color of the Year

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Sometimes we crave something new. We want to check out a new store, buy a new pair of shoes, try a new restaurant or travel to a new city. Change can be fun, exciting, and energizing. The same concept holds true for your home. It can be fun to add a zip of color here, a dash of style there. At the same time, we can’t redecorate our home constantly—no one has the time or energy for that. But there are ways to update your home to give it a fresh feel without breaking the bank.

Color specialist Kate Smith knows a thing or two about how to refresh a home. She keeps up on the latest trends in design and offers knowledgeable, fresh interior paint tips for homes. She says that there are ways to update the look of your house without having to redo an entire space.

“What’s really interesting and on trend at the moment is to add in a really unexpected color,” says Smith. “Take your scheme, maybe a traditional scheme that’s even been around for a while, and all of a sudden bring in an acidy green, or a swampy brown, or even a red violet, but a color that you just generally would not ever think to use with the other colors that you have going on.”

Modern Living Room by Chicago Photographers Cynthia Lynn Photography

What colors speak to you? Do you have a favorite hue that you’ve never been able to work into your home’s design? This might be your chance to try it while staying on trend. Adding a splash of unexpected color can take a space that feels “same old, same old” and add zip of visual interest.

Smith says, “That’s a great way to give it a fun update, make your home design a little bit unexpected, and reflect something about you.”

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