How to Photograph a Before and After Room

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It’s not as easy as it seems to photograph your home. More goes into it than a click and a flash. If you’re trying to show home improvements in before and after shots, it is especially important to photograph the room in it’s best light for the after shot. There are some tips to accentuate the positive changes you have made. These photographs are meant to emphasize what a wonderful job you’ve done transforming the drab to fab!

A side-by-side comparison shows the vast changes you can make to a room - Image credit Bjorn Wallander, Country Living

The point is not to be deceiving and make the room look worse than it actually is, but to show what needs to be changed. Are there elements that are particularly outdated or run-down? Is the wallpaper peeling or painted a color straight out of 1975? These aspects will show the dramatic change from before to after as they will be impacted the most.

Just as you will do for the ‘after’ photo, take lots of pictures with varying angles. Your vision for the room may change as you begin working with different elements. You want plenty of ‘before’ photographs emphasizing different aspects that will be changed. Make sure you also have shots of the room as a whole so the viewer can see the cohesive new look.

The hardest and most important step for dramatic before and after photographs is to highlight the impact you have made and put it in the best light. Here are the basics:

  • De-clutter and clean up the room. Details like full garbage cans are distracting.
  • Try not using a flash and take advantage of natural light.
  • Experiment. Take a lot of photographs. Stand on a chair for different angles. Use a doorway to frame the photo.
  • Take wide photographs. You can always crop later.
  • Don’t set your mind to one shot. Open yourself to creativity. Look through the viewfinder of your camera, move around the room, and take a picture of what strikes you.

Be proud of the work you have done! You have transformed a boring room into one that exemplifies your personality, needs, and taste. If you need a little inspiration to get started, check out these before-and-after photos of well-decorated rooms. If your room is a blank slate or needs to be completely overhauled, these real-life makeovers will give you the drive to begin.

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