Outdoor decorating solutions

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Spring and Summer are the best times of the year to get the neighbors together for a backyard cookout or a relaxing drink on the patio. In celebration of the beginning of Spring, here are some simple decorating solutions on how to turn your  backyard into a fun and inviting space:

Dine Al Fresco
There’s nothing more precarious than trying to balance a plate on your lap while simultaneously holding a drink, watching the kids and talking with friends. Give your guests a place to sit while you dine outdoors, whether it’s a simple picnic table, some folding tables dressed up with linen or an ornate outdoor dining set.

House Beautiful

You can make your outdoor dining space feel special and dramatic by moving your table away from the house and placing it in the middle of your backyard. Surround it with candles or flowers to give it a touch of intimacy while maintaining the grandeur of the set up.

Offer shade with beautiful linen
Curtains aren’t just for windows! Offer a little relief from the heat with a shaded area. Create a DIY freestanding canopy, add some curtains to your deck, or set up a fun fort area for the kids to play around in.

Martha Stewart

Accessorize like you normally would
You have a beautiful home, decorated to perfection. Why stop there? Take your decorating prowess outside! Many of the same decorating principles that apply to getting the interior of your home ready for summer apply to the exterior of your home. Decorate your outdoor space with candles, mirrors, rugs and art – make it feel like an extension of your living space!

House Beautiful

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