Paint colors can change your life!

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By Michelle Winick

A paint color in a room can change the way you feel every time you walk in that space. People are affected by the design all around them, and the color surrounding you will change your mood whether you realize it or not.

The way you feel physically and emotionally has much to do with the color. If you are happy in a room in your home, then it will make you feel better when you are there.

When I work with clients, I try to convey the message that your home should be your oasis. Everyone will have an opinion of how they want your space to look, but YOU are the one that needs to love the space you have. While we may all have things that we want to change about our home, we all deserve the right to love the space we live in.  We can all use paint in some capacity to change a space, and create a space that we can call “home”.

This is why I love what I do every day. I get to bring something into peoples lives that can make them happier. How many people can truly say that about their jobs?  In this economic climate, we are not all privileged enough to make costly improvements in our homes, but most of us can still afford paint. You may be reading this article right now, sitting on a sofa that you wish you could replace, or a kitchen that you want to rip out, and that will cost thousands of dollars. We all sit and wonder, “What if I had the money to change this room in my house?”. The answer is that you can do that with just a few gallons of paint.

In traveling throughout the East Coast, meeting paint dealers that are taking in my color collection, I have been able to get feedback from all different markets. Some areas are considered to be areas where certain brands of paint dominate the shoppers that walk into a store. They sell a great illusion with the pictures they put on their displays, or the advertising they do saying they are the best, but did they create something that is meant for a homeowner that is not a designer and does not have all the knowledge that they do about color?  The educated consumer is willing to look beyond brand name labels and see an innovative product that is not only selling a different kind of color appeal, but a brand that stands behind quality above anything else. At its core, that is what the “Michelle Winick Color Collection” is all about.

I was inspired to write this particular blog because I got a phone call from a person who listened to me speak passionately about paint and color a few months back. This was a person who came to my seminar as a way of getting some information, and left with something invaluable.  He left with the opportunity to make his house his “home”.  I explained to my crowd of about 25 people that day that I have not only created “paint colors” but something that has the power to change an environment.  I went into my seminar looking to educate the people that came to listen to me speak about color, and left with an experience that has changed the way I look at this palette of colors that I have created.  I have learned that this goes way beyond just a gallon of paint that someone puts on their walls. It is a lifestyle, a feeling, a mood, an emotion that changes how one looks at their space.  The fact that a paint color can do that is remarkable.

I urge everyone that is looking to repaint a room or a whole house to “think outside the box” and look at a palette of colors that has been created to make your space “color perfection”. A harmonious palette of luxury has been created for you, and only you. YOU are the one who determines the feeling you want to come home to every day, and you now have the opportunity to do this will just a few gallons of paint.

The “Michelle Winick Color Collection” is something that came from the need for usable, livable color in the paint industry. The collection has now developed an amazingly loyal following by the people that have experienced it in their homes. I never thought when creating this palette that I would be told “if your color collection did not exist, I would be in therapy trying to put this entire house of colors together myself”. While we all know this is an exaggeration, we can all appreciate that our time is valuable, and when your get stuck in details of a project that become too hard to finalize, we could all use a coach in that field as a way to allow us to feel confident that we are not making a mistake.

I leave this blog with this quote. ”There is no better feeling than loving your home, and paint can help you to achieve this goal. Let your walls glisten, and your home sparkle.”

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