Redecorating on a budget

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April is National Decorating Month. And while I’m sure some of us would love nothing more than to do a complete overhaul of our home’s decor to celebrate, not all of us have it in our budget to do so! So to satisfy your inner interior designer without completely damaging your bank account, here are our favorite budget-friendly redecorating tips!

Think quality over quantity: You don’t have to reupholster your whole couch or buy all new bedding to make an impact. Find a fabric you absolutely love, and then purchase just enough to make curtains or cover a pillow or two. These small accents will bring big changes to the look of your space! Tip: It takes about a yard and a half for a short curtain or half a yard for a 16-inch pillow.

Shop your own home: Often all it takes is moving some furniture from one room to another or simply rearranging to transform your home. Can that wicker patio chair be moved into your bedroom? Have you thought of repositioning your couch on the other side of the room? The possibilities are endless!

See the hidden potential: Flea market finds, antique shop steals, even curbside “trash” all have the potential to be transformed into stunning pieces for your home. Ignore the fabric and paint color, those things can be easily changed, and look at the “bones” of the piece. Is there beautiful mahogany under that scratched paint? Does the unique shape of that chair make it a one-of-a-kind find?

Add some color: Adding small amounts of a bold color is an easy way to freshen up a space without fully committing to the color (or a whole gallon of paint!). A quart or a pint of paint could be all you need to paint an end table, some picture frames or a chair.


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