Shutters, The House Jewelry

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Spring is finally here (even though it almost seems like we skipped Winter this year)! House Paint season is starting and today we are talking a little bit about shutters, which we like say are the jewelry of a house.

There are few opportunities to embellish the exterior of a home other than the front door. But many homes have shutters that can be colored to accent or to blend with the color scheme.  Before a color is chosen for shutters you should ask these questions:

1. Are there many shutters or just a few? When there are just a few than a bright accent color can be used. When there are many you may want to keep the color neutral or a neutralized hue like the brown shown here.

2. What color is your roof ? Shutters can match roof colors, brick or stone or they can be complements to the body of the house such as the dark olive color here shown with golden stone colors, cream  and greens to make a pleasing color combination without making a bold statement.

3. Do you want to make a statement? If so, use bright or unusual colors for the shutters. Such as this red, but also deep plum, cranberry, teal and bright blue also work.

4. Do you have shutters that you do not want to emphasize. Neutrals add a sophisticated look to any exterior. Classic black and crisp white shutters are always a safe choice for shutters.

5. Many European and South American towns have over the top colored shutters. These are perfect for the right neighborhood but need to be used cautiously.

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