Tips for painting large spaces

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So you’re ready to paint the largest room in your house? Great! Painting a large room is an exciting task and will make a huge impact on the overall look of your home. Here are some of our best large-scale painting tips to get started:

How much paint should I buy for my large room?
The average gallon of paint should cover about 350 square feet. This will vary based on a few factors:

  • How much texture is on the walls: The more texture the less square footage you will get out of the gallon.
  • When was the last time said area was painted: A “dry” wall will soak in more paint vs. a wall that was more recently painted. New drywall should be primed with a drywall primer first. Using primer will help increase the amount of area the paint will cover.

Should I use a paint sprayer or paint roller?

For applying the paint, most experts would recommend not using a sprayer unless there is nothing in the room. Meaning no trim or floor to deal with.  A sprayer will require much more prep then brushing and rolling. You will have to mask off every area in order to make sure that the paint will not overspray on it.  The time that you may save will be lost in the prep and clean up.

What kind of paint finish should I use for my painting project?
Flat, matte, or eggshell are the most common paint finishes.  Use flat for a ceiling or an area in which you probably won’t wash. Flat also works well on walls that have a lot of natural light due to its ability to absorb light (meaning  less “sun spots” on the wall, and you will see less roller marks and brush marks).  Matte works great for hallways and common areas.  The idea of a matte is that it is a washable finish with a very low shine. Use eggshell for kitchens, bathrooms, and kids rooms. Eggshell washes well and can stand up to moisture. Every room has different needs for a finish, so feel free to talk to your local paint expert.

Walls: MW-1 Ivory Stone; Ceiling: MW-27 Vanilla Orchid; Trim: MW-26 Clean Linen

Walls: MW-3 Teakwood; Ceiling: MW-4 Sandalwood; Trim: MW-26 Clean Linen

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