Top 5 Colors to Perk up Beige from the Muralo Color Fashions Color Collection

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If there is one top color used in decorating today it is beige. It has been seen all over interiors and exteriors for decades. It is a staple in most product color lineups from big to small. Designers have told consumers to pick a neutral for long term items such as carpets, sofas, tile and siding.
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Before we explore the colors that give beige a bit of spice we need to define what makes beige. Beige is a light value of brown and brown is a tone from the orange family meaning that black and white have been added to neutralize it. Because orange is a combination of yellow and red it has a yellow side and a red side. Yellow base beiges are the most commonly found and can be described as tan, cream, ivory, buff and sand (Muralo Color Fashions OW-8-4 Waxen Moon). The redder side of beige includes taupe, blush or rose beige (175-4 Camel Coat). When buying beige make sure you don’t compare one beige against another. It is easy to mistake a beige as being on the yellow side when comparing it against something red or blue then discover that it looks pink. To be safe you can select a more neutral beige that works with many more colors. (159-2 Bleached Linen).

Add color to beige with accents on walls, pillows, accent rugs, or accessories to add excitement, drama, interest or to just liven up the space. Use a pop of color for a front door or shutters on beige exteriors. The selected colors are just suggestions, they can be darker, lighter or more muted and still achieve a pleasing combination.

Aqua or turquoise (046-5 Wide Horizons). This color family is enjoying a revival and is a perfect companion to its complementary or opposite color of beige.
Orange (177-5 Georgian Clay). This color is in the same family as the warm and neutral beiges and therefore it is ideal as an accent in a bland beige room.
Purple (003-5 Plush Plum) is a happening color; it can be unexpected and dramatic for areas such as family rooms.
Terra Cotta (182-6 Red Wall). This earthy color is a natural companion to the natural color of beige.
Don’t forget charcoal or black (139-6 Brooks Gray). This neutral is a sophisticated addition to any beige environment.

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