Unique Paint Ideas for Bathrooms

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When deciding what paint colors to use in your space, there are some key questions to ask before you begin. How will this room be used? What feeling do I want my room to evoke? What lighting will I use?

Colors impact our mood and evoke feelings. Research shows that colors can bring forth certain responses. Decide what you want the mood of your room to be and find a color that matches. Light colors can open up a space, while dark colors can feel more intimate. Try sampling different colors until you find the exact shade you want! Feeling inspired? Let’s begin.

Nature’s Touch

Green, especially in a lighter hue, expresses nature while a darker shade creates a relaxing atmosphere. This is a fantastic option if you have a bathtub or shower and want your bathroom to feel like a spa.

houzz | wall color 0477 Ocean Cruis

Keep It Neutral

Neutral colors are soft, calming and warm. Using neutrals as a base will allow you to add pops of color to your bathroom with accessories, towels and artwork. With a neutral background, it’s easy to change out accent colors whenever you want to give your space a fresh face.

Be Bold

Bright colors make powerful statements, especially in small spaces. This colorful pink complements the black painted vanity and white beadboard perfectly.

Houzz | wall color 1130 Obsession

Gray Tones

Incorporating the color gray into small bathrooms can create a very modern space. Rather than going with the commonly used light gray paint, choose a dark gray hue for a contemporary feel.

Houzz | wall color Emu 0549


Don’t forget that you’ll also need to choose a trim color for your bathroom. Many people forget about this detail or include it at the very end. If you’re thinking of choosing white trim, be conscious of the many shades of white that are available. Take paint samples home with you when you choose the main color of the room.

Finish It Off

A bathroom, particularly one with a bathtub or shower, means that the space will be high in moisture so satin is the best choice for a sheen finish. If shiny isn’t your thing, try a ceramic eggshell finish.

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