Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint in the Kitchen

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You can create your own erasable, washable chalkboard wherever you need it with chalkboard paint. Transform your kitchen into an interactive and creative space with these chalkboard paint ideas. Go ahead, write on the walls — and the table and the cabinets and the ceiling!

Refrigerator Art

Take your children’s art to the next level. Don’t simply hang their pictures on the refrigerator. Instead make the unit an ever-changing display case of doodles and drawings! Make the refrigerator into a multipurpose piece of art in itself.

Memo Board

Retain your refrigerator’s sleekness by using chalkboard paint in small doses to create a memo board for daily chores or shopping lists.

Chalkboard Cabinets

Never misplace a kitchen utensil again. With chalkboard paint, you have the ability to label every and any surface.

Dinnertime Drawings

Create custom placemats that the diner can make all their own. Dinner becomes even more engaging with the possibility to express artistic abilities or play games.

Recipe Holder

Turn those tiny wall spaces into a functional area with chalkboard paint. Painted backdrops provide a contrast to wood cabinets and gives you an area to write your favorite recipes without cluttering the counter.

One tip before you begin writing on all your new chalkboard surfaces: Rub a piece of chalk over the entire chalkboard surface, then clean the board with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Now it’s ready to use!

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